Duracell batteries

  • Modern calcium technology
  • Completely unserviceable
  • Leakage protection
  • Explosion protection
  • Suitable for cars with a lot of electronics

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Throughout January, we apply a 40% discount on Duracell batteries in the Vilnius store!

In all our stores we apply discounts for adding an old battery.


2018-03-01 We started selling deep cycle Yuasa Marine and Leisure batteries for boat engines and campers.

About us

UAB Batrema was established in 2008. The company specializes in the wholesale and retail of batteries. Pretty soon, the company established itself as a reliable partner, offering tested products and quality service throughout Lithuania.

The range includes batteries for all cars and trucks, agricultural and construction machinery, buses, motorcycles, ATVs, lawn mowers, campers, boats, boat electric motors, wheelchairs, alarm and emergency lighting systems, cash registers, scales, solar and wind etc.

UAB Batrema supplies to traders – BLITZ, DURACELL, RIDER Silver, REDOX, PANTHER, SHD, YUASA, LEOCH, TUDOR, VARTA, CIAK , BOXER battery. The range also includes chargers for batteries, terminals for batteries, distilled water, electrolyte.

The goal of UAB Batrema is to supply high-quality batteries to the market, to provide high-quality warranty and post-warranty battery service, to increase the range of batteries, to increase the circle of satisfied customers, and to provide comprehensive consultations.

UAB Batrema since 2011, every year receives a rating from the company CREDITINFO as a reliable company, in 2017 it was rated TOP COMPANY 2017, in 2014 it received the certificate GAZELĖ 2014.




Company Code: 301846038
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P.a.: LT537180500027467281, AB Šiaulių bankas

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